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Slapping up 6 coats of paint in 24 hours allows one to listen to many playlists (I am 'un-nesting': meaning painting over the yellow/ orange and turquoise blue walls Abby and Carly chose for their bedrooms, now that they've moved out). Among the artists I listened to this week:

-Imagine Dragons- Calvin Harris- John Mayer- Toby Lightman- Tristan Prettyman - Bruno Mars- Lorde- Justin Timberlake- Frank Ocean- Yuna- Everything But the Girl- Alex Claire- Vicci Martinez. An eclectic list and I'm pretty sure I kept the cement guys putting in our new sidewalk guessing!

Out of that list comes today's music suggestion by Tristan Prettyman. It's a quick flat road called 'Bad Drug' that's already in my profile/playlist for Saturday. At 89 rpm's and 2:50, I'm going to use it as we ramp up out of our warm up.

Check out all of Tristan's tunes on SoundCloud. Not only is she beautiful to listen to (and look at- she's a former Roxy model), but most of her tunes are free to download! Thanks Tristan.

Click here for your free download:

And here's the Spotify link:

Tristan Prettyman — Bad Drug

And in Deezer





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