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In my post yesterday about auditioning as a Life Time Fitness Instructorif I only had three minutes to show my stuff... what music would I use? I suggested that you should use a track that you enjoy teaching to. Now I'm re-thinking it... 

I actually auditioned at two Life Time clubs and both times I taught a whole class - and yes, both times I was hired 🙂 My audition wasn't part of an open Instructor call, rather both department heads had recruited me (they both initiated the auditions) to teach as a result of some Guerilla Marketing I had done, once I had decided I wanted to teach for Life Time.

I don't remember exactly what music I used, but I do remember that it was completely wrong for the second audition. It was a 9:30 AM class filled with middle aged women (what I affectionately refer to as a "House Wives Class") and here I go cranking up Stranglehold by Ten Nugent. Stranglehold, all 8:33 of 74rpm of driving, climbing Nirvana, was not appreciated by this group who were used to their normal Instructor's dance/pop/club music. The old Bowie I'm prone to use probably didn't help either.

If  I had it to do over again, and only had three minutes, what music would I use? 

I'd use someone else's music. Here's why:

The objective of any audition or interview is to get the job. Period. It's your chance to give the interviewer (or the class) what they're looking for, it's not your time to give them what you want to give them. That comes after your have nailed the audition and secured a class on the schedule. Does that make sense [wlm_firstname]?

So the music I would use would be from a resource that has an understanding (or reputation) for good music to use in an Indoor Cycling class, designed to appeal to a broad audience and is typically the result of a collaboration between multiple Instructors. I few suggestions would be to find a track you like from one of the Spinning CDs, a track from one of hundreds of CDs from any of the fitness music sites or if you are an RPM Instructor you would of course use a track from their catalog.

My point here is that I don't feel many of us, especially new Instructors, can remove enough of our own personal bias in our choice of music. So for something as critical as your 3 minute audition, I'd suggest yielding to the expertise of other's.

If you are using Spotify Mad Dogg Athletics has a bunch of playlists you could choose from. I like this track Various Artists — African Move which has a lot of energy + an International / African sound which I feel would be enjoyed by many. I would cue it up at the :30 mark and run with it 🙂 I can't find a legal free remix but you can get it at Amazon.


For your free track might I suggest using a remix from another popular artist; Robert Miles, who ends up on many playlists. The track Children is very recognizable.

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