Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I'm a huge believer in the concept of including a "Best Effort" in every class I teach. "Best Effort" as in; what is your sustainable power over 3-4 minutes? The reason is simple - I want every participant, in every class I teach, to have an understanding of their estimated threshold wattage.  Why? Because when I teach with power (always) I feel knowing where you should be is super important. It makes my cuing much more understandable to even the first-timer. I can then ask for efforts Below/@/Above threshold and there's no confusion.

And I'm not the only one doing this. In his upcoming Audio Class Profile, Master Educator Dennis Mellon uses these "Best Efforts" for exactly the same reason 🙂

But my regulars would get a bit bored if I did the same class every week, so I mix up how we do these... Climbing, Fast Flats and occasionally we'll even do them out of the saddle! Regardless of the cadence or position, these are very popular (OK, sometimes I get a few groans) with my class. Throw one in at around the 20 mark, and then as the "Big Finish" at the end of class - except during round two your expectations are for even a BIGGER "Best Effort" as a close.

A fun "Best Effort" takes the right music and I'm providing a few remixes from Instructor/DJ Peter Gonzalez, better known as Peter G, that should work nicely for you to add in to your next playlist.

65 RPM "Best Effort" track - at 4:37 you'll start with the first spoken lyric and ride for 4 minutes.

Seated or standing, your choice at 77 RPM

100 RPM "Best Effort track - lots of leg speed and 54 seconds to connect your legs to the tempo.


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