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I don't know about you, but the holidays for me are spent rushing around, trying to get everything done... which can result in a few activities getting pushed off until the next day 🙁

The word I like to use is "frenetic" to describe the feeling. It's when I still feel that I have a bit of control over my life and schedule vs. that feeling of CRAZY when I've exceed it!

There are times when I want to introduce a feeling of frenetic activity into my classes; a long, downhill attack is a good example. The best way I know is to use a track that communicates that feeling > like this remix of the track Lonely People from Orla Gartland. No Spotify link available.

I plan to use it at the end of a 70ish RPM PTP climb. The increase of both tempo (87RPM) and the frenetic energy hits immediately. This should have everyone accelerating without me having to say much of anything.

Looking at the sound track profile below you'll see that there are two ~ 1 minute sections that you can use to cue some awesome surges!

If you aren't seeing a free download link you can get it here. Right Click > Save As. 


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