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The TV Weatherman said that this weekend will be the warmest since Labor Day... that was about 8 months ago. No wonder we're all so itching to get outside!

Today's track is all about holding out hope that you'll make it through to the end. Many times, in life and on a long climb, you reach the point when you have to make a decision; do I quit? or do I take a moment to re-commit to the effort at hand?

I love to tell my class; "cycling is an endurance sport."

"The root word is endure = persevering all the way to the end of your challenge, whatever it may be."

"What limits most of us isn't our physical endurance." "Sure our legs maybe tired, HR's at threshold and our lungs are burning... but that's not what's holding any of us back right now." "The only thing holding you back, right now is YOU."

A track like the 7 minute version of Giants from Chicane, with it's slight pause at the 3:38 point, offers the perfect place for you to explain; "cycling is an endurance sport... you'll need to choose to endure this" and then coach everyone to re-commit to the climb to the summit.



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