Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PROToday I am introducing a rock band composed of classically trained cellists. Their music borrows elements from many genres including classical music, neo-classical metal, post-grunge, progressive metal, thrash metal and symphonic metal.
Riders in my class look up and ask, “Who is this????”, when their music comes on. It is moving, inspiring and just plain fabulous!
I have to give you three Friday Favorite”™s from Apocalyptica today, because I simply cannot give you just one! All are from their most recent CD, 7th Symphony. The first is “Not Strong Enough”. With a cadence of 90, I have been using it for intense flat road work. Starting with just cellos, there is :10 for us to cue before Brent Smith (Shinedown) comes in with his awesome vocals. At :47 the chorus starts with increasing intensity for a nice build and then backs off at 1:10. I use the :35 seconds here to 1:45 to gently remind my class about form for the upcoming increase in load to the end of the song at 3:37. I think possibly a few of us can also relate to the lyrics. Take a look and listen here, but don”™t go away, because I have more for you:

Also from the 7th Symphony CD (featuring Lacey from FlyLeaf), I love “Broken
Pieces”. I use it as a flat road resistance build over 3:55 (cadence 90), taking our
work zone right up to threshold. I go right into holding our threshold number
with the next track from 7th Symphony called, “On the Rooftop With Quasimodo”.
This is completely instrumental, but very layered and intense. It works perfectly
in helping riders focus on maintaining a specific heart rate number at threshold
for 5:00, which is challenging and needs very motivating music. This is it! Here are
videos of both songs:

I am not a super heavy metal girl, but if you are a fan, some of their stuff gets
really intense. Check it out and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

And here's your free track for this week.
What's Your Tonic?Kaleidophone
"Gogglebox" (mp3)
from "What's Your Tonic?"
(Tin Robot Records)

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