Me with Barbara Hoots at the conference this morning

What???? Did you think I forgot you? Never! Greetings from the ICI/PRO Conference in Boston! I truly wish you were all here. Today”™s Friday Favorite is by an artist that my daughter Carly introduced me to. I have used her quite often in my class line ups. You may recognize her voice from the theme song of “Shrek 2”. London”™s Imogen Heap is musically unique and diverse. “Headlock” from her Speak for Yourself CD makes for a fabulous out of the saddle climb at 60 bpm.
It starts out with her voice and electronics only, but a strong beat. At 1:15, the drums KICK and it makes for great coaching. She pulls back again at 1:45 and the drum kick happens again at 2:20 for another coaching opportunity. I love these times to really encourage my class to “trust their legs” (gotta credit John with this phrase) and go for it. The song is 3:37…I only wish it was longer.

Here is Imogen Heap and “Headlock”

Here's Headlock in Spotify

Here's a fun remix of Headlock for your free track of the week!

Imogen Heap - Headlock (Free Me Remix) by Neutral Pathways

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