The Equalizer

I'm loving my iPad to pass the time during long flights. I download a few movies from iTunes or Amazon, cue them up on the plane and before I know it I've arrived at my destination.

My younger daughter Carly came along with me to Naples this week and we watched The Equalizer. I'm a Denzel Washington fan (and a fan of the old TV show) so this was an easy choice for our return flight on Wednesday.

There's a big fight scene in a Home Depot like place. Lots of action to be sure and this weeks free track is Zack Hemsey — Vengeance > the awesome music that perfectly supported all the drama and emotion that accompanied the visuals.

If you're looking to add some emotion into your class... this maybe a good choice. Vengeance is very dark and the lyrics a bit disturbing. The first 2:45 is a gradual build up at 83 RPM to a massive 1:30 surge. Then there's about 30 seconds where, if you weren't watching the progress bar, you'd think the song was over. But it's not. You'll want the volume LOUD because @ 4:45 there an very abrupt explosion of sound for another 1:30 and doesn't end until the final 18 seconds. I'm going to use this in my New Years day class as a pair of attacks for the BIG FINISH.

I'm tempted to use Zack Hemsey — Graven Image as a runup to Vengeance to really set up the mood of this climb.

I suggest closing your eyes and listen to this all the way through a few times. My guess is that you'll figure out exactly what you should be doing, and when you would do it 🙂

If you don't see a download link below, you can find Vengeance here.





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