Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I've been having fun with the Lazify music discovery App for Spotify. Here's a few of my recent favorites including a resource for free, hour long DJ mixes:

This track Nothing Matters from the artist Tricky makes for a powerful tempo/FTP efforts @ 95RPM. Tricky was an early member of Massive Attack and I found this track in a Lazify playlist built from a Massive Attack song.

Next up is this track from artist/DJ Morgan Page — Fight For You which is an awesome climb @ 64RPM. The song has some great lyrics that you can incorporate into your cuing. I found this in a lazify playlist I started using another Morgan Page track The Longest Road - Deadmau5 Remix Radio Edit which I've used in the past.

You can download the original here if you don't see the download link in the player.

I'm hearing more and more how studios are bringing in live DJ's to supply the music for special events. If you ever wondered what it would be like to teach where someone else is controlling the music - Morgan Page has hundreds of 60 minute mixed MP3's that you could use for a private class... or maybe you're looking for something completely different. Check out a few and let me know if you'd ever consider using them in a class.

You'll find the complete list here.




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