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It worked for Subway so now Taco Bell has launched their "Drive-Thru Diet" complete with a spokesperson who supposedly lost 54 pounds eating at Taco Bell. What began with Subway Jared will be continued by Drive-Thru Christine.

As you know, the Drive-Thru Diet® menu is not a weight-loss program. It's about making different choices. For me, I didn't want to cut out my fast food so I started choosing Fresco items from the Drive-Thru Diet® menu and making other sensible choices. I reduced my daily calorie and fat intake by 500 calories to 1250 calories a day, and, after two years, I ended up losing 54 pounds! These results aren't typical, but for me they were fantastic!

I'm guessing that 100% of the participants in your class are there for some form of weight management. You may want to recommend to your class that if they really want to reduce their weight they should consider; packing their own lunch with healthful food, eating it as multiple small meals and then take a walk (or better an Indoor Cycling class) over lunch. Here's the link for the free taco.

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