Fun pic from Julie's

Fun pic from Julie's

Hi John,
My name is Julie and I am the owner of a cycling studio in Philadlphia, PA called "The wall cycling studio."

This past weekend I had a couple instructors over and after a little time we somehow got on the discussion of how one of my biggest dreams to live is to show up to a spin class while on vacation, the instructor not show up and for me to be able to jump up and say "I'm certified and ready with a playlist!"

My friend then sent me the most recent email from you about traveling instructors. I think it is amazing and a great way for places to be able to offer quality classes!

Could you let me know some more info? This would be a dream trip for my husband and I!

Thanks again and I look forward to listening to your pod cast!

Julie we've helped hundreds of Indoor Cycling Instructors make this fantasy a reality - except for the part about the absentĀ Instructor - unless it's you who's supposed to teach, but you're asleep in a hammock, on the beach šŸ™

My wife Amy and I have been teaching group fitness classes, at All-Inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, pretty much every year since the mid 90's. Every trip has been a dream and we could not have afforded to travel as often as we have, without the assistance of our (now friends) at Fit Bodies, Inc.

We have a separate site devoted to these teaching fitness vacations - and the process is super simple. Here are the basics:

About Fit Bodies, Inc.
Fit Bodies, Inc. has been offering international leisure travel for the fitness instructor since 1992. is home of the Fit Bodies teaching vacation program.
Instructors offer a couple hours of teaching to resort guests daily and in exchange you and companion(s) stay at luxury all-inclusive resort with accommodations and amenities provided just like a full paying guests. You wine and dine, enjoying an all-inclusive vacation usually costing thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price.

How does it work?
With the Fit Bodies, Inc. program you do not pay the hotel for your stay. You pay a fee for each week you travel, itā€ā„¢s roughly $500 for you and a companion (family resorts include two kids 12 or younger as well) to stay at the resort with all-inclusive everything for seven nights. The resorts are 4-5 star all-inclusive luxury destinations. Teach one or two indoor cycle classes on your non-travel days. It is a WIN WIN! You get a low cost vacation and guests have a great fitness experience! There are even more opportunities to the cycle instructors who also offer group exercise formats.

The details are instructorsā€ā„¢ pay for flights and sometimes airport transfer costs (to and from hotel). All resorts participate in the GIFT FUND where we keep the hotelā€ā„¢s activities and sports department up to date with items or money contribution. The gift fund has a value of $150 at most hotels so that is part of your expenses.

There is no cost or obligation when you apply but I encourage you to apply by completing an online account with us atĀ The account gives you real time booking availability at all the resorts you qualify to teach at. So then you can choose when and where to travel, book it online with us, and be quickly confirmed with permission to buy flights.

Once you are online atĀ FitnessProTravel.comĀ and going through the app process you will come across membership levels. I know itā€ā„¢s explained on the site but want to elaborate here- With the BASIC (free) membership you can view complete availability but with your free membership you only have access to book 15 resorts. By upgrading to any premium account (including TRAVEL) you will then have booking access to every resort you qualify to teach at. You can view resort details without even having an account by clicking on ā€œTRAVEL SPOTSā€ on theĀ FitnessProTravel.comĀ home site.

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