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Do you have a big day coming up? The kind of day you need your "A" game for.?

I like to call these game days. And a good rule of thumb to follow for game days is: Don't pull out a new play.

What I mean is, it's prudent to be your very best self on these days, without trying something new. Here's an example: I consult many brides regarding make up for their wedding. More often than not, they request false eyelashes for their wedding day. My very first question is, "Have you worn false eyelashes before?" and 99% of the time the answer is no. My advice to them is, wear false eyelashes at least 6 times before the wedding to see if they are something you can tolerate. False eyelashes are heavy, come un-glued easily, and the glue often causes an allergic reaction in the sensitive eye crowd. Can you imagine this happening throughout the wedding and in the pictures? It would ruin a very special day!

Job interview day? Not the best time to test out "I'm Not A Waitress Red" lipstick, or even nail polish, if you've never worn it before. You'll spend the entire interview worrying about lipstick on your teeth or in the corners of your mouth, rather than about the dreaded, "Tell me about your biggest weakness" question. You'll also be focused on how fabulous your nails look, instead of how fabulous the job sounds (or doesn't!) Also, a personal experience note here- test run new shoes prior to your game day. I had a great new pair of Calvin Klein pumps and wore them for the first time to a job interview that happened to be at a very funky cement floored office. As we were touring the office, they squeaked with EVERY step. Awkward! I finally acknowledged the squeaking elephant in the room and we went on, but I could have avoided the situation had I worn the pumps a bit first! Lesson learned, and no, I didn't get the job.

Wear make up and clothes you're completely comfortable with. If you feel like updating is in order, do it ahead of time and get comfortable with everything prior to game day.

Video taping for a review / photo shoot / demo, etc? If you're choosing your own clothes, and doing your own make up, be yourself. Make up is needed with camera lights, but usually not as much as you think. Take your natural lip shade and deepen it naturally (think mauve) two to three shades- without gloss. Save gloss and sparkle for non-camera events. Accentuate your eyes with some liner and remember to fill in your brows.

Test-run your clothes!!!! Bend over in front of a mirror and do everything you'll be doing in front of the camera. Is everything comfortable and can you move freely without concern? Are your revealing more than your gregarious teaching personality? Check out the rear view as well. I'll always remember the "Refrigerator repairman" view I got throughout one ENTIRE cycling class, as the instructor's tights were riding low and her top was riding high.

Have a great game everyone. Go and win it!

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