new u2 album in spotify

We've sold out to Apple - U2

The music wars are starting to heat up between Apple/iTunes and Spotify. Last week Apple added (without your permission) the new album Songs of Innocence to every iTunes account in the world. Some people weren't happy with either the free music... or the part about Apple adding it without telling anyone what they were doing. So Apple has created a free tool to remove all of the tracks if you don't want them.

From a marketing perspective this was very cool. In one day something like half a billion iTunes users had the songs in their possession, making this the largest ever album launch in history.

Except this has effectively locked this album out from Spotify and Deezer, neither of which have access to these tracks. One article said Apple paid U2 $100 million > I don't know about you, but I'd grant Apple an exclusive for that amount of zeros.

But you can add them to a Spotify or Deezer playlist 🙂 

In iTunes go to your Library and if you search by date added you'll see the list of tracks from Songs of Innocence, but they'll be light grey because they aren't actually downloaded. What you are seeing are just links to the Apple iCloud. You'll need to click the little cloud icon next to each track to download it to your computer.

iCloud download

In Spotify or Deezer you'll see all your new U2 tracks listed in the Local Files section.

If you use Class Builder remember you can't include local files commingled with Spotify tracks. So your option to include any of these new U2 tracks in your class will be limited to a playlist built in iTunes.




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