Google Music for Spinning indoor cycle instructors

More stuff to learn

The Google Music Store/Service just launched. As you would expect, I'm already anticipating your questions so I'm all over this.

Nov 16 2013 update: I have an article posted about the new Google Music All Access iPhone App

I already know that many of you would enjoy an option to iTunes or Spotify. So I started this morning at 5:30am and set about learning everything I can about Google Music. I want to be able to help you decide whether or not this new music service from Google is a good option for you as a Spinning/Indoor Cycling Instructor. I'm particularly interested to see if Android Phone users will finally have a service equal to iTunes.

You can learn more about Google Music here and get started if you are adventurous 🙂

Google Music, what I know so far:

  • The primary service is "Cloud" based, which means the music files are stored on a remote file server up in the clouds. Google want's all your computer files; music, pictures, software, etc... everything on their servers, not on your computer. If you use any online email service; Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail - those are all Cloud based services. iTunes and Amazon both offer a similar Cloud based system. Why should you care? I'll be explaining that in a future post.
  • Google Music's files are MP3's - already for MixMeiser
  • The first file I downloaded was at a very high quality bit rate of 320kbps. I normally don't pay attention to bit rate but this got me looking to see how this compares to iTunes. See the screen shots below for comparison.
  • Yes, you could probably dump iTunes and convert over to the Google Music Player - but don't do anything drastic just yet.
  • Google Music free tracks! You can find here- but like iTunes, you need to set up your credit card for future purchases.

When I saw Google Music had opened my first thought was; "oh great, more new software to learn" 🙁 If you felt something similar while reading this, my advise to wait and see what happens. I will be creating a number of tutorials for our ICI/PRO members that will explain everything you need to know about using Google Music. Stay tuned...

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Low quality music from iTunes


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