So I'm sitting here putting together my class for tomorrow and I stumbled on this great track that I'm going to use as my playlist's intro-track. I wasn't looking for one, it just kinda jumped out and hit me between the ears saying; "lead with this one!"

What got my attention?

  • Few or no lyrics - so I can give an overview of the class
  • Tempo @ 90RPM or above - this one is right around 100
  • Needs a little punch that will get everyone's attention, when I crank it up 🙂

The track is called (appropriately enough) Intro from the band The xx, which will cross-fade into Little People — Start Shootin'. Next up will be The Weeks — Buttons where we'll do a series of openers to complete the warm-up, which will have us ready for some work.

Here's the whole playlist made up of (IMO) awesome, but unknown music... except the track Lana Del Rey — West Coast - Rob Orton Mix (doesn't she remind* you of Tori Amos?) which I've used before. My class is at 6 am tomorrow if you want to hear it on the very powerful sound system I have to play with at Life Time Fitness 🙂


*I've always loved Tori Amos — Cornflake Girl for a longish 5 min climb > turn it up and let everyone just pound to the top. Also, if you've got a lot of rhythmically challenged people in your class, Tori Amos — Spark is a great waltz where you can help all the men riders learn to follow the; one, two, three, one, two, three pedal strokes. It sure helped me.


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