cover girl cuticle remover

A special treat in my life is a nice manicure with gel polish. Love, love, love! But I can't always get them when I want and need them.

I grow cuticles as quickly as I grow calluses. That means I need to somehow take care of my cuticle overgrowth between manicures- which can sometimes be months. A nail clipper just doesn't cut it (ha ha- pun not intended).

What little miracle tool helps me out? Introducing-The Cover Girl Cuticle Remover/Pusher ($4. 99 on ebay).

I have three of them- one in the car, one upstairs in my office and one in my bathroom on the main level. I sometimes overuse this tool a bit and cause some bleeding, so be careful! But, it does feel and look good to keep my cuticles under control. It also helps keep my manicure budget under control!

Let me know if you have success with this handy dandy little tool!

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