Sally Edwards with Paul "Pinkhouse" Camerer

Here's a walking testament to the utter fallacy of (220 - your age) as a predictor of Maximum Heart Rate. Paul Pinkhouse Camerer is having his 93rd birthday today. To celebrate the occasion, Pinkhouse and a few of his friends will all train together at his home/cycling studio. During the training Pinkhouse will spend a large portion of the ride around 150 bpm - which is way above his age predicted maximum HR of 127bpm. Actually Paul has been cycling and participating in running races above his "Maximum HR" for years 🙂

Sally Edwards introduced me to Paul (Pinkhouse comes from the color of his home... which as you can guess is Pink) three years ago at a Heart Zones conference in Colorado. I recorded Podcast episode #18 with Paul while I was there, but many our our newer subscribers may not have heard it as it has dropped off the iTunes feed. Thinking it would be fun to republish it in celebration of Paul's 93rd birthday here it is again.



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