As I sit here, breathing in the clear (but thin) Denver air - I'm struck with how awesome things are here on our rock floating through space. 🙂

It's rare to find an article that's full of good news > found one and wanted to share it with you.

Ah, Earth, ah Spring. As Earth Day dawns this year, we can all feel a little younger, and we can delight in the wide open spaces. Younger because geologists have determined that the world”™s oldest fossils came from 3.43 billion years ago. That shaves off 30 million birthdays. Wide open spaces because astronomers have identified a giant void in the universe, 1.8 billion light years across. There is room there for 10,000 galaxies.

There are many more reasons to celebrate Earth Day, some perhaps more serious. Our hospitable planet has never been a better place to live. We are an adaptable and ingenious species that has found ways to thrive from the fringes of the Arctic Circle to barren atolls in the mid-Pacific, and from the Himalayan Plateau to Death Valley. We have expunged dread diseases such as smallpox and have come close to wiping out others such as polio. We have found ways to feed more than 7 billion people despite repeated Malthusian warnings that mass starvation was staring us in the face.

Technological progress has leaped every existential barrier we have met so far–and we are nowhere close to exhausting the resource of human invention that has made this possible. And rather than ravaging the Earth to achieve the material abundance we now enjoy, we have found ways to clean and preserve it. The air and water in the United States are at unprecedented levels of purity since the age of industrialization began.

So let”™s celebrate Earth Day as an occasion to recognize an astonishing achievement. Billions of people are leading healthier and longer lives than ever before.

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Hoping you can get out and enjoy the day!

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