Life Time Fitness Commitmant Day

I spent the morning thinking of some overwhelming wisdom to impart for 2018. I thought about clever phrases that would sum up the entire 2017 in 4 words or less, and power phrases that would inspire us all to be better, stronger and faster. 

As I was doing this, I thought back to my the last class I taught in 2017, It was Thursday evening at the Robinson LA Fitness here in Pittsburgh PA that I was subbing, and it was a 4:30-5:30 class that only had about 8 participants. It is always a challenge for me to maintain my excitement and enthusiasm for a smaller class, but on that Thursday there were a few people in the group that I had ridden with before, so I felt connected and had a great ride. Actually, I am not sure there is such a thing as a bad ride, the worst ride is still always better than not riding!

I will pass along what I told the class: "We are about to embark on January, you know the time of year when the gym is busy, really more than busy, it is packed. It is our tendency to get a little aggravated because our routines are off. There is now someone on 'My' bike in the spin room, and I can not find a bench to use for lifting. I get it, I have been there for about 30 years now. But....I challenge you to breathe deep and be patient (not one of my talents). Let us welcome these new fitness enthusiasts into the gym and into our classes. Help them out if needed, and let's show them how to be a respectful and courteous member through our example.

Just think, the few minutes we give up waiting may change the life of someone else for the better which is a gift that will continue for a lifetime. Maybe, just maybe, they will stick with it and pass along the same joy of exercise to someone new next year."


Originally posted 2018-01-01 11:43:41.

Joey Stabile

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