idj app mix music with iphones and iPads for spin class

Tuesday has been reserved as Technology day here at ICI/PRO and this new iDJ - Numark app for iphones and iPads certainly fits this category. I've been playing with this new app from the MixMeister folks for a while and thought I would give you my initial thoughts on it's suitability as a tool you could use to create a seamless playlist for your class.

But first I need to vent a bit. I've attempted to contact Numark - the company that creates and sells MixMeister and this new iDJ software multiple times without success. Questions about the use of their software and requests for interviews have been ignored. Now I realize that being the independent resource for Indoor Cycling Instructors may not mean that much, but really... does anyone even look at your "Contact Us" emails?

The iDJ iPhone app is actually pretty cool... if you are willing to fight through the learning process with no manual or tutorials to help you along. There is a tutorial for iPad owners - but it doesn't translate well for the iPhone user.

Once you figure out how to import your desired tracks from iTunes (as far as I can tell you can't import a whole playlist - and no it doesn't work with Spotify) iDJ will go through and find the BPM for each song. Next it will create a Beatmix transition for each track. Great if you have a playlist of dance music all at 120 - 130 BMP. Not so good if you're trying to use one song at 180 BPM which blends into the next at 128 BPM. The effect is as if the 180 BPM song gets stuck in a tar pit and slows down to very slow.

Play with iDJ a little longer and you may/may not discover that you can change the default Beat Mix to a simple cross fade - which is the only transition that will work with songs with big BPM differences.

In fairness to Numark, iDJ (like MixMeister) is really designed for club DJs, not Spinning instructors like us. Dance music falls within a very narrow BPM range.

If I have the time I may look to creating a video tutorial for using iDJ in the near future.
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