Scott Ginsberg on the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast
How approachable are you?
Amy, among others, has told me that I'm a lot of things, but approachability is not very high on my list of personality traits... I'm guessing I'm not alone and thought that maybe, if I could find someone who could teach me/us how to be more approachable, it would make for an informative and entertaining Podcast episode that would help improve our presentation skills.

I've seen Scott Ginsberg (he's known as "The nametag guy") on TV a number of times. Scott's a writer and motivational speaker who's specialty is helping people be more approachable and memorable . It worked, because although I didn't remember his name I found his website with a simple Google search for the name tag guy. It's appropriately named

Looking around his site I found that Scott has been on, or published in, just about every talk show or media source you can think of. The guy charges $10,000.00 to speak at corporate functions. I was thinking; "am I a bit out of my league here?" But I thought why not give it a try and see if I can schedule him for an interview.
So I sent Scott an email.

Hi Scott,
I produce the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast and would love to have you as a guest sometime. This online resource reaches Fitness Professionals around the world and I feel many of our 7,000 listeners would enjoy hearing your ideas for improving their presentation skills by being more aproachable.

Please let me know when we can schedule an interview via Skype.

His response:

Absolutely. Can't wait! My family has been in the fitness industry for 30 years.

How cool is that? Our interview is scheduled for this Wednesday and will publish next weekend.

Here's a little bit about Scott


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