It's not what or how, but WHY

In a previous post Be the Leader they expect, I expressed that our students are expecting us to be the Leader in our classes.

Some of you might be thinking; OK John; this is easier said, then done.

Maybe you haven't seen yourself as the "Leader" of your class, instead you have considered yourself as part of the group. Or perhaps you are a bit new at the teaching game and are questioning your ability to assert your position as a leader. There's no shortage of big egos out there and being a leader can take a lot of energy to maintain... so it's not surprising that some of us may have let our leadership skills slip a bit due to simple fatigue.

But what if there was a different way to becoming a leader? One that doesn't require a huge amount of confidence, knowledge, effort or charisma?

Start with WHY

If you truly would like to be the Leader of your class I suggest watching this video presentation from author Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. The concept is that people will follow you based on a shared belief... you just need to communicate it! I will be expanding on this concept in future posts.

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