sally hansen wax strip kit

I'm talking about Sally Hansen's Wax Strips for Body. This super easy to use press on and zip off wax system is cheapo ($6.49 at Walmart) and allows me to maintain the tiniest bit of modesty while grooming for my bike shorts and occasional swimsuit appearance!

I tried the professional salon waxing thing...once, and didn't like it a bit. I guess I'd rather save the $89 (plus tip), my modesty and inflict my own pain. I also need to admit I'm not very comfortable in a salon setting, so if there are things I can do myself, or go to someone's house, I much prefer that.

Speaking of pain. I'm not gonna lie- it does hurt. But ripping hair out by the root does- no matter how we do it. For me, it's worth the few moments of pain in return for 6 weeks pretty much hair/stubble free and no razor burn or in-grown hairs.

As a side note- I also cut these strips very thinly and use them to wax my daughters brows. No need to buy the separate strips for face. Wondering about brow shape? Check out my post on brows here.

The strips need to be warmed before pulling apart, which can be challenging in the winter months in a cold climate. I tuck them under my bootie for a few minutes, and that seems to warm them just enough to pull them apart- distributing the wax equally on both sides of the strip.

It's important to hold your skin taut with one hand and pull the wax strip off quickly and firmly the opposite way of hair growth. (Think of pulling a band-aid off..) Done properly, you should see the hair follicle at the end of each hair on the wax strip.

The wax strip kit comes with a little bottle of oil that removes the wax residue when you're done. In case you run out, or lose it, any oil will remove the wax- baby oil, massage oil, even kitchen oil (olive, coconut, etc.)

Yes, in an attempt to find less painful hair removal methods I've tried other systems:

-hot wax with strips (ouch from the hot temp and then still having to yank, plus it's messy)

-hair removal creams and gels that smell like perms and burn. No thanks!

-and yes, I tried the no!no! supposed permanent hair removal system. It was painstakingly slow and didn't work anyway, so I'll save you the trouble and appease your curiosity right here :).

So, there's my two cents on how to cheaply and effectively- but not painlessly DIY (do it yourself) hair removal.

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