I have always been a fan of cycling videos in my Indoor Cycling classes. I tend to do a fair amount of my low zone work inside, even during the summer months, on various indoor bikes or trainers and I totally love the distraction. Bike-O-Vision was a fresh new take for me in that the videos do not have cyclists or any type of dashboard. This is truly just eye candy to get your mind off of the hours of work that you have ahead. The creative inspiration of Jan Hunter is evident in the videos that he produces and they have over 71 titles.

Additionally, Bike-O-Vision has recently release their streaming service on Vimeo which is an amazing way to try their products and always have fresh scenary on hand.

More here about the Bike-O-Vision Vimeo Streaming Site

More here from their web site Bike-O-Vision.com

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Originally posted 2019-07-16 08:00:34.

Joey Stabile

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