My understanding of Yo-Yo dieting was that it's not good for you. Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight... the process of restricting calories and then reverting back to your normal eating habits can't be good for you.

ICI/PRO member Colleen Mathews send me a link to this article that says just the opposite, Yo-Yo dieting is good for you.

I was so intrigued I contacted the author; Nutritionist Katherien Tallmadge and she agreed to join me on the Podcast to discuss new findings that show Yo-Yo dieting really isn't bad for you or your students. We also discuss her book: Diet Simple which I found to be full of digestible (pun intended) tips that you could convey to your class week after week.




Originally posted 2011-06-23 13:25:26.


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