Spinning instructor cycling vacation in Italy or FranceHave you ever considered taking a Cycling Vacation to Europe? Maybe to France or Italy where you could experience the roads and climbs you have seen at the Tour de France or Giro d'Italia.

Amy and I have dreamed about a trip like that... but then quickly dismissed it as fantasy as soon as we start thinking about the costs and details.

But the dream remains for us 🙂

You maybe aware that Amy and I travel to the Caribbean every year on what's called a working fitness vacation.  We trade our services (teaching fitness classes) in exchange for an All -Inclusive vacation at some very nice resorts in Jamaica or Mexico.

I've always wondered if there would be a way to create a similar program for Indoor Cycling Instructors wanting to take a Cycling Vacation. Most of us have large networks of friends and students, many who are cyclists...

After watching the video Tom Scotto and Gene Nacey made on their trip to Spain I decided to pursue this further.  I contacted Lauren Hefferon with Ciclismo Classico, the tour operator that coordinated Gene and Tom's trip. Lauren was very open to the idea of an Instructor program, but then she started asking me a lot of questions I couldn't answer. She suggested that I conduct a survey of listeners and readers to see if this would be of interest to you.

So here is our question:

With the proper incentives and resources, could you recruit a group of cyclists, train them this winter and then ride with them on a cycling vacation in Europe next Spring?

Please listen to the Podcast interview below and then

Click here to take the survey.


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