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My original concept for the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast back in 2008 was simple and yet unique; use the power of an Internet Radio Show, delivered through iTunes, to provide a platform for the many voices in our industry. The show wouldn't be "about me" or a few self described "experts", but rather my vision was for a vehicle that would be truly inclusive of the most progressive manufactures and education providers in our industry. ®

Over the past three years we have executed on this vision through partnerships with;

Now I'm very excited to introduce to you our latest partner: 

The Indoorcycling Group (ICG) in support of LIVESTRONG® Fitness


With ICG / Livestrong MI's Dosta Dedic and Kimberly Treadway at Club Industry

To start things off I would like you to meet Jim Karanas, Program Director for the Indoorcycling Group (ICG for short). In this interview Jim and I discuss his 30 year experience in fitness, ICG, their relationship with LIVESTRONG® Fitness and touch on the fantastic FREE continuing education resources available to you from ICG.



The Indoorcycling Group supporting LIVESTRONG® fitness has made a substantial commitment to both sponsor our efforts here and to provide educational articles and Audio PROfiles for our ICI/PRO members. This is going to be a fabulous year 🙂

Check out the Indoorcycling Group (ICG) and here's information about the LIVESTRONG S Series Indoor Cycle

You can see samples of the Virtual Active Video Here.

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