Master Instructor Steve Frank with the Indoor Cycling Group LIVESTRONG Fitness

I want everyone to meet Steve Frank - Master Instructor with the Indoor Cycling Group/LIVESTONG Fitness.

Steve and I met in Chicago last month at club industry. I knew instantly he would be someone you'd enjoy meeting and a wonderful addition to our ICI/PRO Team.


I meet a lot of people in the fitness business. Don't get me wrong, many are wonderful people, with impressive titles and accomplishments... it's just that many tend to spend all their time talking about how cool or important they feel they are šŸ™

But when I met Steve, his first concern was; "how can I help?" When (in my interviewer mode) I asked to know more about him, he instead talked about his team at ICG - LIVESTRONG. I pushed him further; "what else do you do, besides your roll as a MI?" "I help people become more successful in their personal and business lives". Steve has a personal & professional coaching business - like many fitness professionals, Steve has more than just one occupation.

I need to tell you how refreshing it is to work with people who are committed to helping other people and not just interested in promoting themselves.

In the course of conducting 140 or so interviews I've learned that finding where someone's passions lie is really important to an entertaining and interesting interview.  To find out I typically have a sort of pre-interview with new guests. It's during this time that I'm listening for clues that I will use to steer the conversation.

Listen to this interview I recorded last month with Steve. See if you can tell what where his passion lies.

I'll give you a hint - beyond being part of ICG/LIVESTRONG, it's being part of this Team

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