wish upon a hero indoor cycling event

What are you doing on Saturday April 28th? How about participating in what could become the largest Indoor Cycling fundraising event ever?

The people from the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation contacted me and asked if I would help promote their event.  Once I understood what they do and who they help (over 88,000 wishes granted so far) I couldn't say no 🙂

Social Helping Network

The vision of Wish Upon A Hero consist of using the power of the internet combined with the passion to help. This combinations allows the world to help more people, more efficiently. We call it the Social Helping Network. The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation utilizes this network to grant wishes in two ways.

First, we grant wishes posted on WishUponAHero.com. Posted wishes provides our team with the basic information about you and your need. The wish can easily be shared which will give it the exposure needed to be granted.

Second, our wish granting team finds people in need and post their wishes under the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation account. We do this for individuals who do not have internet access or the ability to post a wish on their own.

The potential to be connected to this incredible organization sounded exciting and I invited Dave Girgenti (founder of the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation) on the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast so he could explain what you need to do to participate April 28th.

Wish Upon A Hero understands how important it is to assist partner clubs and studios. They have marketing materials ready for you to use to promote the event to your participants.

You can listen to the Podcast below or click here to subscribe for free in iTunes and never miss a show.

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