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Spinning Instructor Amy Pillitteri - Beth Anne Gordley Photography

Meet Spinning Instructor Amy Pillitteri!

Amy is the runner-up in our Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest!

About Waldo”™s Revenge
I wrote this profile for a group of students I was working with during a winter and spring periodization program at a nearby YMCA this year.  This particular class was full of enthusiastic triathletes and cyclists training for the Waldo County YMCA Triathlon Festival.  We worked through all the various phases of the program leading up to the outdoor season.  When it came time to re-test for lactate threshold, nobody really wanted to break away from his or her training regimen.  So, in lieu of a field test, I put together a mock time trial, which mimicked the actual race. I encouraged the athletes to take their average heart rate, to see if they were race ready. This is how I came up with Waldo”™s Revenge!

Having ridden and raced the course myself dozens of times, it was easy to coach it in class.  Writing it in a profile, well that”™s another story. I can tell you first hand, though, that it”™s a really fun and challenging ride.  The terrain in Maine is absolutely splendid.  We have beautiful tree-lined roads, which run along the rocky coastline, and twist around the picturesque mountains, hills, lakes, and ponds.  The wind, as in many time trials, is the big limiting factor on this course.  Some of my really strong students wrote race reports after the triathlon this year, and I have included some of their remarks for fun. These comments will, hopefully, provide more insight, as to what”™s going on inside an athlete”™s mind during the race.

Good luck and have fun with it!

Amy L. Pillitteri, M.S. ED., R.D.

Star 3 Certified Spin Instructor

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