My interview with Douglas Brooks continues with a discussion of RealRyder's class planning - it maybe the exact opposite of how you create your profile.

Listen below to find out why.

Show notes:

During our discussion Douglas references their class planning template - you can download a copy here.

Douglas also described how they teach a method of trimming the length of a song in iTunes (setting the start & stop times) to fit a specific segment. I mentioned that we have specific instructions for trimming the length of a track available here for ICI/PRO members - but it's buried in a video over at the MixMeister Academy.

Here's how to "Trim" the length of a song in iTunes.

  1. Sample the track and record where you would like it to begin and end.
  2. Highlight the track in the list view.
  3. Either go to: File > Get Info, Right Click the Track and select > Get Info or use the shortcut Control i
  4. Tick the box you wish to change and enter your preferred start/stop times.
  5. Finish with OK

Change or trim song start and stop times in iTunes

Unfortunately this isn't an option in Spotify. Just to be sure I experimented with first trimming a song in iTunes, and then opening it in Spotify - both on my computer and iPhone. It played full length (not trimmed) in both cases.

Here's part two of my interview with Douglas Brooks - enjoy and let me know if this was helpful for you [wlm_firstname].



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