Last week a SoulCycle Instructor filed a class action suit alleging he and other Instructors were not paid for the extra hours spent in class prep, meetings, marketing, promotion, etc…

Does that sound like anyone you know?

What's proper or legal when it comes work requests, beyond actually teaching your classes, when you're asked by management?

I figured it would be helpful to get an understanding from someone who really understands the law as it applies to wages and pay. So I asked labor and employment Attorney Nick May, who I've worked with in the past, to be a guest on the show to help educate us all.

During the interview Nick raised this point, that I hadn't even considered;

Could the SoulCycle Class Action Lawsuit affect how you are paid in the future as an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

Listen to my interview with Attorney Nick May to learn more.

Originally posted 2013-05-10 16:58:21.


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