This Podcast is was originally published on January 8, 2009, I have updated it with our new Podcast host information and I am representing it now. Note, the company is no longer in business, however there are pleanty of grips out there in the marketplace, so still a good listen. I hope you enjoy it, Joey.

Tell the truth, as you have fought with your towel, you have thought there needs to be a better way!

Well inventor and mother of two, Marilyn Tighe, has the solution for anyone bothered by having to move your towel all over the handle bars while you ride. She explains the process of how she invented Getta Grips and has a special offer for listeners to this Podcast.

As Marilyn explains; Getta Grips are made with velvety soft terry velour and feel like pillows for your hands. You won't believe how comfortable your ride can be.

So, Getta Grip and take them out for a spin! I know you're going to love them!

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