There are great Instructors and then there are those who are IMO really awesome! Not necessarily because of how or where they teach, but how they make a positive impact in lives of others.

Meet ICI/PRO member Michelle Parolini from Allison Park, PA. Michelle quit her day job as a commercial real estate broker to become the CEO | Head Coach & Mentor of Park Journeys, Inc.

Park Journeys, Inc. is a youth development organization which seeks to educate, energize, and empower urban and rural youth through exploration, wellness and civic engagement.

Park Journeys, Inc. is a National youth development organization providing an out of the classroom learning experience for our nation”™s rural and urban teens. We do this through a purposefully intense direct experience in one of America”™s National Parks.

In addition to the week-long trip to foster learning in geology, wildlife management, and conservation, the 12-16 week Park Journeys program is structured to include outdoor hiking and activity team building, trip preparation, mentoring, and engage their communities through Civic Engagement presentations and exhibitions.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PJI serves youth across the country and has most recently been the recipient of the North Face Explore Fund Grant and the National Park Foundation”™s Americas Best Idea Grant.

You can learn more about the fantastic impact Michelle and her team at Park Journeys, Inc are having on disadvantaged kids in this video.

I told long time friend and sponsor Suzelle Snowden from Fit Bodies, Inc about the work Michelle's doing with Park Journeys, Inc. Suzelle's response was to graciously offer a $500.00 certificate that Michelle and a guest can use toward an All-Inclusive Teaching Vacation at any one of 60 beautiful resorts in the Caribbean 🙂 You can learn more about participating in these trips here.

Listen to my interview with Michelle where she shares how rewarding this experience has been for her below or subscribe through iTunes.



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