I can't remember ever talking to a new studio owner, who didn't express the dream to open & own a second... and possibly a third studio once their first was established.

Which raises an interesting question...

When is the right time to open a 2nd studio? And should you?

Studio Owner Nancy Katinas owns The Revolution, a pair of Indoor Cycling studios in upstate New York. She joins me to share her thoughts and experiences about how she and her partners built their first profitable studio. And then opened a second a few years later.

What about Instructor exclusivity? Dennis Mellon share his thoughts from the Instructor's perspective last week. Be sure to catch Nancy's explanation of her studio's policy - one that I found pretty gutsy as it takes a bunch of confidence to pull off.

If you're interested in learning about franchising options for opening an indoor cycling studio - we have a podcast you should listen to here.

Great stuff here for any current (or future) studio owners!

As you hear in the interview, despite not having Indoor Cycles with power indication, Nancy is a fan of Performance IQ - she's using PIQ's heart rate display training system with great success. Here's a few of her participants sharing their thoughts.

You can request information on PIQ here.


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