Looks like a beautiful city. Image from

Looks like a beautiful city. Image from paxgaea.com

Helping prospective Indoor Cycling studio owners with their business planning is part of my Instructor Employment Initiative - encouraging the formation of new studios... which creates more places for Instructors to teach and will (at least I'm hearing) create upwards pressure on class pay rates!

ICI/PRO member Rowan Platel contacted me recently with questions about a future cycling studio he is planning.

Thanks John.

I am looking for as much help and guidance as I can get, so I will let you know my plans and see if you have any words of wisdom (outside of all of the information I will be reading from ICI.

Basically, Indoor cycling centres in Perth WA don't exist yet, but the spinning community is there through fitness centres, and the cycling community is large. My goal is to open an indoor cycling centre that is funky, but very up to date from a technology standpoint, and bringing in the best instructors/coaches I can. I want to give the users the ability to set and exceed their goals through data driven results, combining the best instructors, with the best principles and training methodologies, and the best technology.

There are a few good examples on the east coast of Australia, but none here.

I really want to cater for all indoor cyclists, whether they are "spinners" looking at more fitness goals, or cyclists looking at performance goals.

Absolute key for me is User Experience. I think your website will help a lot there. I want to make this addictive, fun, yet high performance.

Currently, I am looking at Wattbikes and using their group software and user App based software for real-time data.

I suppose what I am asking for is any guidance or thoughts you have on this. If this isn't the right forum to ask this, please feel free to ignore this email.

I am very keen on finalising the tech specs, so I can start to plan a fitout and get cracking!!!



When time allows, I try to be available for a call to discuss whenever I get well thought out questions from ICI/PRO members. My response:

Hi Rowan - exciting to hear about your future project. Are you aware of our Facebook group for studio owners? https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyclingStudios/ You can solicit ideas there.
I've done a fair bit of consulting with new cycling studio owners - often acting as a sounding board to bounce ideas off + I can be helpful by questioning your assumptions, so you don't end up with an empty studio.
Skype sometime?

Rowan and I connected via Skype. Turns out that Perth WA is on the exact opposite side of the earth, so my 8:30am was his 8:30pm 🙂 With his permission I recorded our call to share with you!

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During the call I mentioned that we have two excellent Podcasts that deal with the introduction of Power/Technology.

ICI Podcast 239 — Schwinn Master Training Jay Blahnik on introducing Power into your classes Part 1

ICI/PRO Podcast #240 — Schwinn Master Training Jay Blahnik on integrating Power into your classes Part 2

After you've listened to our call, what additional questions would you have asked?

If you're planning a new studio, how would you have answered my questions?

Or would a few of them stumped you?

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