Peter G - Gonzalez dj and indoor cycling instructor

Here's the promised continuation of my interview with Peter G! If you haven't heard Pt #1 you can find it here.

Peter and I discuss more about creating his ReWeRKs - remixed tracks that are available from Legitmix - along with a bunch of other interesting stuff. You've got to appreciate his passion for Indoor Cycling!

We have a proven history of advancing the careers of smart & talented instructors here at ICI/PRO. Multiple Instructors have gone on to become Master Instructors after their exposure here at

I'm fascinated by Instructors who can effectively blend rhythm and movement classes with Power based display training. It's not just me. Premium health clubs like Life Time Fitness and nearly all of the hottest cycling studios are looking for Rockstar Instructors who can present a dynamic and exciting class, that includes elements of proper training.

It will only be a matter of time before the established Indoor Cycling brands will be looking for Master Instructors who can effectively present Rhythm + Movement + Power + Display Training Instructor certifications.

Is that a description of you... or do you know someone?

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