This Podcast is was originally published on April 27, 2009, I have updated it with our new Podcast host information and I am representing it now. I hope you enjoy it, Joey

I love people who see a question and decide to find the answer.  Melissa Marotta is just such a person: Spinning Instructor, Medical Student and also an excellent writer. Check out her blog and you see what I mean -

Melissa asked the question; "does using heart rate monitor improve your Self-efficacy -- that is, one's belief in one's own ability to navigate the challenges of one's world?" And then decided to do a study to find the answer.

This post describes what she has planned and the Podcast adds more detail about - EXPLORATION OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF HEART RATE MONITOR USE DURING EXERCISE.

Once you have listened to her interview please complete her survey HERE.

You can contact Melissa

I plan to have Melissa on later this summer to find out what she learns.

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