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Give up your Studio”™s Spinning credentials because you want to use a different Indoor Cycling bike?


And yet Gene Nacey from Global Ride Studios has done exactly that. Gene is a firm believer in the value of Indoor Cycling 2.0 and wanted his studio to have bikes that include Gear Indication, Cadence and a Power (watts) meter. So he replaced all his Star Trac Spinners with new Keiser M3”™s. His contract with Mad Dogg Athletics said to be a certified Spinning facility he needs to use only Star Trac bikes (which I feel is very restrictive and a bit silly). So he terminated his Spinning contract and is now a Indoor Cycling Studio.

Not satisfied with just changing out his bikes, Gene is working on some very interesting  programing for teaching and training on the M3 or other Power bike that he will share on his blog.

Mark Dalrymple is a regular Global Ride student and also a professional photographer. He took this cool shot of the new M3 at the Global Ride studio.

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