This Podcast is was last published on Jan 1, 2010, I have updated it with our new Podcast host information and I am representing it now. The product ChestLick is no longer available, but we want to keep the work available. I hope you enjoy it, Joey

Happy New Year!

I don't think I have done this before. I'm going to suggest that you forward this interview on to your participants & fitness friends to hear. It's a compelling story of the importance of wearing and using a Heart Rate Monitor + an excellent example of being your very own medical advocate!

Imagine you are married to an IronMan distance endurance athlete. You learn that instead of flying off to compete in his next IronMan Triathlon, your husband is scheduled for open heart surgery. During his recovery and subsequent training he becomes an avid Heart Rate Monitor user but is frustrated by his monitor's inconsistency.  So you find and begin distributing a product that will make his heart rate monitor perform like it should. I does. So well in fact that it leads to a second open heart surgery, preventing a certain heart attack.

I have been using ChestLick for about a month now and can attest to how well it works and how cleanly and easily it goes on.

ChestLick is a newly-developed, state-of-the-art, athletic heart rate monitor spray. ChestLick is used to ensure that your heart rate monitor is able to immediately and accurately receive the signal from your chest strap. Because ChestLick is so effective and unique, there are worldwide patents protecting the formula! This formula is non-residue, non-staining, and hypo allergenic!  This same electrolyte spray is used in hospitals around the world.

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Melinda would love to send you a sample. You can email her or visit to order some today.
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