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Have you ever thought of creating a comprehensive training program for your members to help get them really fit? You want to

incorporate many areas of the gym, not just your indoor cycling class; you want to do the research to make sure the program follows a stepped approach using proper training principles; you want to provide the participants assessments and educational and motivational material along the way. But the amount of work to put it together is daunting so you just never get there!

What if you could take a self-funded, turn-key program that has been proven to work, that will bring profits, teamwork, excitement and success into your facility?

Jade Ng from Finish Strong Training Systems joins Jennifer and me to discuss her turnkey program for fitness clubs. To help ensure the success of the 6-phase, 12-week program, FSTS provides training videos for instructors and personal trainers on the focus of each phase and how to teach the suggested classes. Educational and motivational videos are provided for the participants to help them stay on track. Both Dr Haley Perlus and Jennifer were invited to create some of the videos and training information, and they are honored to be a part of the program.

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