Bringing cyclists into your Indoor Cycling Studio

Sheryl knows how to bring in the cyclists.

Outdoor cyclists can be very particular about their bike fit and setup. So much so that many won't come to your class because, after hundreds of hours on their own bikes, they don't feel comfortable on the Indoor Cycles in your studio. Then there's the issue of those who train with a Power Tap (or some other power measuring device) on their bike and yours don't have anything.

ICI/PRO Member and USA Certified Cycling Coach Sheryl DeBoer has found the solution: LET THEM BRING THEIR OWN BIKES!

Sheryl said in her email to me;

I had 36 riders the other night and this is December.  What will January be like?

I demanded offered to have Sheryl on a future episode of the Indoor Cycle Instructor PRO Podcast so stay tuned for something in January!

This will be an ICI/PRO Members Only Podcast. If you aren't a PRO member yet, a Monthly or Annual subscription would makes a great Christmas present to yourself 🙂

Originally posted 2010-12-20 11:36:07.


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