Triathlete and Pain Prevention expert Leslie Mueller provides our latest Audio Profile.

This profile uses the concept of “Negative Split Training” to assist the rider
in developing body awareness, and aerobic capacity. The competitive cyclist will
have an opportunity to practice pacing skills. A “Negative Split” is an effort that is
somewhat easier or slower in the first half than it is in the second half. Almost all
of the world running records have been set with a 51/49 ratio, meaning the first
half was completed in 51% of the total time and the last half in 49% of the total.

Download the Audio PROfile PDF here


Here's your Spotify PRO/Playlist! Deezer. We have made every attempt to replicate the original playlist. In some instances the tracks specified were unavailable in Spotify. When necessary we have substituted individual songs of similar length and tried to maintain the Instructor's intent.

Originally posted 2010-09-30 05:27:37.


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