ICG Master Trainer Jim Karanas presents our latest Audio PROfile. Race-Day rides have been part of indoor cycling since it began. However, few instructors use the profile effectively. The Criterium is the most fun and simplest race to simulate in an indoor environment. Also, you don’t have to have raced a crit to cue this workout. It is, in my opinion, the easiest and most fun race-day workout to offer your students.
Here is the PROfile .pdf to download and print.

Here's a fascinating video that may give you some perspective on what goes on during the opening laps of a crit 🙂 Watch the amount of power that's required to stay with this very competitive bunch of Pros and the jockeying that occurs... and then consider they will do this for 90 minutes! This video is one of twelve that you can find here.

Spotify Playlist to Criterium and in Deezer

Originally posted 2012-02-29 08:36:15.


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