Our latest Audio PROfile comes from Team ICG® Master Trainer Jim Karanas!


Timing is one of the most basic essentials of training.  I like to think of Timing as “how you interact with what you perceive.”  The road is the road.  At times, it will come at you in ways that are unpredictable.  How you ride your bike depends largely on your sense of timing or how you make the subtle adjustments necessary to maximize your sense of ease.  Exhilaration results when you experience effortless power.  Effortless power is a result of good timing.

When a novice rides the bike, they are unsure of what gear to use and will at times fight the bike and the road.  As their timing develops, their gear selection and shifting improve to where they no longer have to think about it and they begin to sense “flow”.  Flow is a feeling of simplicity when you sense no difficulty.  The bike rolls over the terrain seamlessly, like a dream.

Developing a sense of timing begins through cadence exercises.  Cadence is how fast you pedal.  Your RPM.   Cadence training makes you more efficient, improves your technique, uses a wider array of muscles and enhances your presence when training.  It is a mechanical practice that requires patience and discipline but will eventually help lift you to a level of artistry.

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