Tom Scotto

Tom Scotto from Stage 5 Cycling  joins me as the "pinch hitter" Master Instructor for this weeks Audio PROfile. I'm calling this a sort of Hybrid Audio PROfile/PRO Podcast as Tom goes into a lot of additional detail that you will enjoy learning.
Here is the link to the companion .pdf


Here's your Spotify PRO/Playlist! Deezer. We have made every attempt to replicate the original playlist. In some instances the tracks specified were unavailable in Spotify. When necessary we have substituted individual songs of similar length and tried to maintain the Instructor's intent. [/private_PRO-Seasonal] [/private_PRO-Platinum]

If you are interested in advancing your carreer as an Indoor Cycling Instructor Tom and I discuss his Stage5 Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Scholarship Program at the 26:30 point.

Originally posted 2010-02-27 14:20:04.


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