ICI/PRO Member discounts

  • DAY PASS: 15%

Visit the ICI/PRO Member Discounts page under the "Resources" tab above or use this link.

We apologize for adding these discounts late 🙁 If you registered before the discounts were available Cycling Fusion will credit/refund any difference. Please respond to the confirmation email you received when you registered to request your credit.

We are really excited to be able to offer these live broadcasts this year. One question we have been getting is: Does watching the session qualify for CEC's?

Unfortunately no. Offering "Digital Classes" that are approved by ACE (AFAA doesn't approve any outside digital education) requires a completely separate application + 60 days for it to be approved. We may decide to apply for CECs in the future, but for now viewing the session is only for your education and entertainment 🙂

Originally posted 2011-09-24 11:20:35.

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