Spinning indoor cycling class music playlistsStarting November 1st the annual cost of a new ICI/PRO membership increases to $144.00.

Current members will see no changes. Your subscription rate will never change 🙂

A number of people have asked me why? So here are a few reasons:

  1. Waking up not knowing what you will be teaching today is a horrible feeling.
  2. Waking up knowing exactly what you will be teaching, because you have a new Audio PROfile to listen to, is a wonderful feeling
  3. We want to give Instructors a reason to subscribe now, before the increase so they will Be Ready for the beginning of this year's season.
  4. The $24.36 increase is less than half of what you will save on a single pair of Pearl Izumi men's P.R.O. Cycling Shorts $130.00 retail vs. $78.00 PRO member discount.
  5. Purchase two pairs of PRO shorts, a jersey and a few pairs of socks and your membership was essentially free.
  6. We should be charging double! New subscribers get access to all of last year's Audio PROfiles - 26 and counting!
  7. Subscribing now locks in your subscription rate for life.
  8. $144.00 is just $12.00 a month, $2.76 per week, or just $0.39 per day.
  9. The other 536 ICI/PRO members are waiting for you to join them 🙂

If you have been on the fence, it's a great time to jump off. Being Ready this year is easy.

Just claim your $1.00 7 day trial membership.


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