I bet her class loves that smile

We fell in love with Shirin Beckett last fall at the conference. Now the producers of the Epic Planet DVD series have featured Shirin in their latest newsletter!

Here's the link so you can see her Epic Profile where she describes:

"We set a goal and we train specifically for each ride," says Shirin. "Right now my class has the heads-up about our next challenge:Beartooth Pass! We are climbing steep, back to back hills for 6-10 minutes each this month. Our goal is to be able to build on endurance and strength so we will all win this 60 minute grueling battle in late February!"

P. S. I have the Beartooth Pass DVD and it's just what I like - one long climb after another 🙂

If you (or another ICI/PRO member you know) is featured somewhere be sure to let me know so I can post about it.

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