Tom Scotto joins us to explain how to coach Explosive Power efforts (sprints) in your Indoor Cycling class.

Sprinting is one of the most poorly taught and misconstrued movements in indoor cycling. I'm sure you have all seen it - instructors cueing sprints with little to no coaching or form instruction; riders with their legs whirring around like a weed-wacker at 140+rpm with little to no resistance, bodies flailing, faces beet red, and all their joints (neck, back, hips, knees) placed at great risk from the lack of stability and lack of resistance. Yet if you were to measure the power-output that these students could produce in this manner, you (and they) would see that it is a futile attempt with little work actually produced (i.e. very low watts). In other words, if they were on a real bike riding like that, they wouldn't go anywhere - a child on a tricycle would probably pass them by. They would LOSE the sprint.

You want your students to not only win the sprint, but to actually gain explosive power and become a better rider (indoors and out)? Then listen to Tom's audio PROfile again and again. Create one class out of the various sprints he describes (as in his profile), or after teaching your students how to sprint properly, simply take pieces of it and sprinkle it into other profiles. You have that perfect opportunity coming up with the Tour de France next week!

I have no doubt in my mind that there is not an indoor cycling instructor out there who won't learn a LOT from this audio PROfile. Enjoy (and get ready to work HARD)!

Click here to download the complete Explosive Power Audio PROfile pdf.

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